Project Management

The complexity and precision required in modern optical applications create unique challenges that require innovative solutions to address. Our expertise, world-class equipment, and close ties to industry-leading partners set us apart. As your partner for custom solutions in optics, we offer a comprehensive suite of support to ensure success in your project.

Engineering and Design for Manufacturability

CMM Optic has strong roots in mechanical practice, optomechanics, and GD&T (geometric dimensioning and tolerancing). As your solutions partner, we leverage these strengths in a variety of ways to ensure your tolerance and project budgets provide the most value possible. From assembly development to design for manufacturability advice, we offer the support that you need to ensure your project exceeds expectations.


As a key driver of optical performance, we treat coating with the same care that we treat all other aspects of manufacturing. From the simplest SiO2 protective overcoat to bespoke dielectrics, we have a wealth of experience ensuring coating success.


Plating processes can be incredibly useful tools when addressing many of the challenges faced in optical systems. Successful integration of plating processes is itself a unique challenge. CMM Optic has been successfully managing and integrating plating processes since its inception. From the mainstays of optical nickel and black anodize to more specialized plating solutions, we have proven techniques to mitigate risk and ensure quality solutions.

Managing On Time Delivery

Our goal is always to have 100% on time delivery with every job, we always start with a detailed time estimate in order to know exactly how long each complex step will take. Our quotes are scheduled for production as soon as possible, to allow the most accurate time picture possible. We know this is always of critical importance to you, so we take this very seriously.

Metrology and Inspection

You can only manufacture something as well as you can measure it. We have developed a world-class metrology lab to support and drive our manufacturing efforts. Tightly integrated with all aspects of our manufacturing process, this lab enables us to achieve the exacting levels of precision and quality that are required for success.