About Us

CMM Optic offers custom designs from engineering through prototyping and production with competitive pricing and unparalleled quality. We build exacting mechanical components, precision metal mirrors, and optomechanical pointing and imaging assemblies. 

We aren’t bigger, just better.

We are competitively priced and more agile for your next-level custom assemblies and prototypes.

Using our vertically integrated areas of expertise allows us to provide a complete solution to your most challenging projects. Our 30+ years of machining, diamond turning, and optical alignment experience combined with our world-class metrology suite makes our customers thrilled to work with us.

Whether your application is pointing or image stabilization, we are the ONLY custom manufacturer that offers you a fully engineered design/prototype/build without the entire system. If you are tired of working around the overhead and lengthy timelines of the “big guys” talk to us before your next project kickoff.

Redefining What Is Possible.

Our Story

From Contour Metrological & Manufacturing to CMM Optic

We decided to celebrate 30 years of precision manufacturing and long-standing reputation in the optics industry with a name change. Many of you know us for our past work in optics machining in our Troy, Michigan location for optical mirrors, lenses, and precision components.

Dedication to successfully executing the most technically challenging projects took us to 2013 when the company was purchased by an automotive businessman, Kevin McMahon.

In early 2019, leadership made the decision to move forward with the name “CMM Optic” to build improved understanding on our current business thrust of diamond-turned metal and polymer optics as custom mirrors, lenses, and new optomechanical assemblies for a wide variety of applications.

CMM Optic holds an industry reputation for the ability to create difficult to produce items. We are truly “Redefining What is Possible” in the optics world today.


Micro-optics with Maximum Performance

CMM Optic offers the capability to meet surface finishes below 50 angstroms, with feature sizes frequently less than 75 microns. We verify them with our in-house state-of-the-art inspection equipment. This level of technology allows us to precisely manufacture to your specifications, every time.


Prototype to Volume

Our engineering and manufacturing support allow us to become a part of your project team, working hand-in-hand to create solutions that fit for the life of the project. Our manufacturing team is there to assist through all stages of your project from prototype through production.


High Quality Project Management

Years of success in completing multifaceted projects in the optics industry give us the ability to effectively manage the most demanding and complex challenges.


Year Established


Delivered Solutions

"CMM Optic has gone above and beyond expectations in essentially all aspects of the business.  They are extremely thorough, meticulous, and communicative.  The quality of product is top-tier.  CMM Optic always follows through on various requests, all the way from design/technical feedback to purchasing expedites.  We have the utmost confidence when doing business with CMM Optic."

“We have had a couple of rough moments getting our side of the system, which you are making parts for, work.  Problems on our end, not yours.  A couple of different times now our solution to get up and running has been to pull parts off the machines and try different ones.  There is almost no way I can communicate how complex these machines are and the intricacies of what they are performing for us, even to you, who have the drawings in front of you.  What these machines are doing is possibly more complex than what the products do they produce.

And so, each one we make is pretty much (fully custom) and everyone holds their breath until each is completed and verified.  In all this complexity and suspense, we have now, at least twice troubleshot our problems by pulling parts off the machines and replacing them with other parts you've sent us and every time the change over showcases the amazing precision and consistency CMM delivers and has also elevated you and I both to semi-hero status. 

These swaps show the issue isn't (CMM), and eliminates all options except the ultimate solution for me and so we are up and running quickly after such an exercise.  One reason people have become comfortable with these exercises is because they have confidence in CMM to save us if our team here ruins a part or breaks something during our fiddling around with everything.”