Design & Engineering

The custom optical, mechanical and electrical design services at CMM Optic allow your project to be created with a fully custom solution to best fit your needs.

Not having design and engineering support adds to the stress of a project.

With our highly experienced optical, mechanical and electrical engineers at CMM Optic, you can rely on the knowledge that your custom mirror or critical opto-mech instrument will perform, and fit, as needed. From the design phase to prototype, through testing and production, you can be confident that your custom optics or complex instruments will be exactly what your project requires for success.

When you partner with our 30 years of design experience for the uncompromising military and safety markets, your R&D process becomes more productive with options that will save you time, reduce overhead, and deliver as promised.

CMM Optic is AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified by NSF-ISR