Optomechanical Assemblies

Today’s optomechanical manufacturing environment is constantly evolving. We recognize that yesterday’s solutions may not be good enough in today’s fast-changing world. We apply innovation and results-driven technologies to meet your needs when meeting challenging optical system requirements. By always constantly improving our processes, we continually advance our skills for an ever-changing landscape.

CMM Optic’s optomechanical engineering team converts concepts into operational realities for our customers in industry, research, aerospace and defense. We are devoted to continuous improvement in pace with rapid advancements in the optical industry. We work globally with engineers and physicists to provide a complete range of design and manufacturing services. We can work from customer furnished build-to-print drawings or provide complete engineering services starting from black-box specifications. 

We are familiar with many specialized optical and mechanical coatings, and work with many optical substrate and metering structure materials including Al, Be, AlBe, AlSi, AlSiC, SiC, Ti and a wide variety of optical glasses. 

We commonly address analysis requirements for Structural Thermal Optical Performance (STOP), optical design and tolerancing, and stray light mitigation.

Our 30 years of experience and state-of-the-art facility give us the ability to engineer and produce highly demanding optomechanical assemblies for industry and defense use.

Our fully equipped in-house conventional machine shop offers 5-axis CNC milling, CNC turning, and precision grinding, lapping, and thermal cycling for sub-micron geometry control.

Sub-micron measurement equipment such as interferometers, lens barrel alignment stations, optical surface finish profilometry, a Nikon 3D video measurement system, and Zeiss coordinate measurement machines are essential to verify the performance of our assemblies

We have all the tools to create almost anything your project engineers can dream up, verified with our extensive in-house metrology capabilities. Everything we ship is what you ordered, delivered on time, minimizing your overall production time to completion.

In-house design and manufacturing enables better, faster and cost-effective convergence on performance objectives for complex optomechanical assemblies.

We offer optomechanical expertise in the following technology areas and related applications that encompass land, sea, air, and space markets.


Air Bearing Systems and Scanners: custom design and manufacture of ultra-high precision self-acting and gas-pressurized, hollow shaft, spherical and cylindrical types. Rotational speeds from 0-100,000 RPM, with highly refined dynamic balance, are realizable.

Applications:  Laser imaging for microlithography and imaging onto photographic media, LiDAR, motion simulators, guidance and control, ultra-precision machines.

Fast Steering Mirrors: We offer high bandwidth, high precision, customer-specific solutions for apertures ranging from 12-150 mm, range of motion up to +/-20 degrees, with optional and fully configurable controller.

Applications: line of sight stabilization, vector scanning for surveillance, laser cutting, welding, marking, 3D printing, LiDAR, and free-space laser telecommunication.

Reflective Optical Assemblies: Our specialization in metal mirror designs enables highly robust and isotropic performance in rigorous operational environments for apertures ranging from 12-1000 mm.

Applications: off-axis and symmetric, focal, afocal telescopes, collimators, spectrometers, terrestrial cryogenic instruments, EO/IR/multi-spectral imaging sensors, and LiDAR.

Refractive Optical Assemblies:  Our experience with optical alignment techniques, adhesives, and precision metal mounting structures segues into many types of glass optical assemblies.

Applications: Lens barrel assembly and alignment, prism mounting, and catadioptric telescopes that often require a combination of diamond point machining, lapping, thermal stabilization, and specialized laser alignment equipment, fixtures, and techniques

Diamond Point Machining:  Our expertise in flycutting, freeform diamond turning, and freeform diamond milling is complimented by our experience in the design and manufacture of requisite precision tools and fixtures. 

Applications: Polygon mirrors, freeform aspheric components and assemblies, mirror arrays, and molds for replicated and injection molded optics.

Flat-through-Freeform Aspheric Optical Polishing: This work is guided by our specialty of design and construction of interferometric null tests.

Applications: UV-IR optical performance enhancement for diffraction limited wavefront error and low scatter optical finishes on diamond point machined metallic and metal matrix composite (MMC) substrates.

Examples of optomechanical assemblies we offer:

  • Prisms in aluminum housings
  • Waveplates in-ring mounted housings
  • Periscope prism assemblies
  • Beam expander solutions
  • Beam delivery systems
  • Complete telescopes, collimators
  • Spectrometers
  • Reflective terrestrial cryogenic instruments
  • EO/IR/multi-spectral imaging sensors and LiDAR

CMM Optic assemblies are found in:

  • Large and small telescopes
  • Test rigs / Alignment systems
  • Laser systems
  • HUD systems
  • Range finders
  • Reconnaissance and surveillance
  • Targeting and target identification

CMM Optic is AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified by NSF-ISR at both the Troy and Rochester Hills, Michigan facilities.

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