Metrology & Inspection

You can only manufacture something as well as you can measure it. We have developed a world-class metrology lab to support and drive our manufacturing efforts. Tightly integrated with all aspects of our manufacturing process, this lab enables us to achieve the exacting levels of precision and quality that are required for success.

Customers use our services to enhance their capabilities and capacity. We also are often called upon as a third party verification service. Our state of the art equipment includes: CMMs, laser microscopes, interferometers, and plate inspection devices.

In 2022, a Trioptics Opticentric 1003D Dual and a new VeriFire inferometer were added to our suite.

In early 2020, we made a large investment into our already world-class inspection lab picking up a Zeiss Micura, a second GPI Verifire HD, and a Zygo NewView 9000.

The Zygo NewView 9000 is a 3D optical surface profiler which allows a wide range of surface types to be measured at high speeds. This allows our freeform and other non-flat optics to be measured even faster with sub-micron accuracy.

The Zeiss Micura is designed for small optics scanning precision  at high speed and is used to verify tiny, complex optics.

Our Inspection Equipment

  • Trioptics OptiCentric 1003D Dual
  • VeriFire inferometer
  • Zeiss Prismo S
  • Zeiss Contura
  • Zeiss Micura
  • Zygo NewView 9000
  • Two Zygo GPI and White Light Interferometers
  • NIKON Laser Microscope

Zygo GPI

Zygo White Light Interferometer