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A customer recently contacted us regarding a mold insert we delivered a couple of years ago.  There appeared to be a discrepancy between parts produced with this mold and those of a previous mold. CMM Optic offered to perform measurements on both the insert and molded parts to troubleshoot the problem. CMM was able to compare the inserts returned by the customer with the original inspection data as well as the parts produced by the mold. We determined that the parts did not match the inserts, pointing to a setup problem at the molding house. Our investigation took only a few days, enabling a quick resolution for our customer.

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Case Study

We’re thrilled to share the “first light” through a 100mm beam expander that we recently built for a spaceborne telescope. This achievement is a testament to the careful engineering and diligent work from our operations team. Their efforts have once again yielded outstanding results, delivering a .055-wave system on the first prototype assembly. Thank you to everyone involved in making this milestone possible. Your expertise and dedication continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in space technology. Here’s to many more successful projects and innovations ahead!

first light prototype image

"CMM Optic has gone above and beyond expectations in essentially all aspects of the business.  They are extremely thorough, meticulous, and communicative.  The quality of product is top-tier.  CMM Optic always follows through on various requests, all the way from design/technical feedback to purchasing expedites.  We have the utmost confidence when doing business with CMM Optic."

In all this complexity and suspense, we have now, at least twice troubleshot our problems by pulling parts off the machines and replacing them with other parts you've sent us and every time the change over showcases the amazing precision and consistency CMM delivers and has also elevated you and I both to semi-hero status. 

These swaps show the issue isn't (CMM), and eliminates all options except the ultimate solution for me and so we are up and running quickly after such an exercise.  One reason people have become comfortable with these exercises is because they have confidence in CMM to save us if our team here ruins a part or breaks something during our fiddling around with everything.”