Metal Platings & Coatings

CMM Optic includes outside services with our project management in order to provide you with finished optics and components ready to be dropped into an optical or mechanical assembly. Whether it is nickel plating to provide a superior surface for diamond turning of optical components, conversion coatings for surface protection, or various thin film coatings and platings for reflective or anti-reflective properties, we partner with experienced vendors to meet all of your project requirements.

Examples of Available Metal Platings and Coatings

  • Hardcoat anodize meeting MIL-A-8625 and Chemical conversion coating, such as Alodine® meeting MIL-C-5541 for protection of non-optical surfaces
  • Infrared (IR), broadband, or multi-layer anti-reflective coatings (AR) on polymers
  • High reflection coating / optical mirror coating with Aluminum, gold, and silver on metal and polymer optics
  • Dielectric mirror film
  • Reflective gold and nickel platings
  • Durable optical coatings and platings meeting stringent requirements such as adhesion, abrasion, temperature, humidity, salt, laser damage, and other Mil Specs and ISO specifications.

Many of our suppliers provide NADCAP certified processes as well as compliance to REACH and RoHS. Let us know if these are requirements for you.

For metal coatings on optical mirrors, let us know if you require first or second surface coating or adjustments for a specific wavelength.

Custom Optical Coating

Through our supplier partners, we frequently provide mirror coatings and platings for optimal reflectance in short-, mid-, and long-wave IR (infrared) as well as visible and broadband wavelengths. If your application requires optimization for a specific wavelength, our partners can create a custom coating for you. As part of your RFQ process, we encourage you to provide us with as much information as possible about your project and application to ensure the most accurate timing and costs.


Typically, these optics are used in bar code scanners, HUD displays, cameras, laser systems, illumination systems, military range finders, microscopes or other instrumentation products.

Our coating partners are among the best in the industry. 

Provide your requirements as part of your RFQ and we take care of the rest.