Optical Lenses

Our innovative approach and excellent metrology capabilities allow us to produce high-quality optical lenses for defense and industrial applications. CMM typically offers off-axis lenses, aspheric lenses, and even complex lightpipes. We have experience crafting custom lenses from many different plastics, including, PMMA and Zeonex®. Our sales team would love to speak with you about how we can help your next lens project succeed.

Precision plastic optical lenses are a specialty of CMM Optic. The primary materials that we use are Acrylic (PMMA), Polystyrene, and Zeonex®. We make them from molded blanks or raw stock for the preferred durable optics used in defense, aerospace, and commercial applications.

Our capacity ranges from small R&D quantities to large production runs shipped to customer demand. We also offer thin film coating to finish your lenses. As a result of our world-class metrology lab, we have the ability to meet your MIL-Spec and exact sizing requirements.

Common Custom Optical Lens Types Available from CMM Optic

Looking for custom freeform optics?  Precision Off-axis lenses, aspheric lenses, and complex lightpipes are typically made in our advanced optical diamond turning facility. 

AR and IR coatings are available by request.



Polynomial Lenses

Fresnels & Diffractive Lenses

Aspheric Lenses & Beam Combiners