Off-Axis Parabolic Mirror

CMM Optic manufactures precise off-axis parabolic (OAP) mirrors in our diamond-turning facility, from a single prototype to production volumes.

When your application calls for the ability to collimate light without spherical aberration, you may need an off axis parabolic mirror to focus broadband light sources.

Key Capabilities: Our multi-axis diamond-turning machines allow us to transform your ideas into solutions. When combined with our world-class metrology lab, what you order is precisely what we deliver. In addition to parabolic mirrors, our SPDT capabilities allow us to manufacture polynomial mirrors, plano mirrors, folding mirrors, complex cylindrical optics and aspheres.

Typical applications include spectrometer configurations, collimator and beam expanders. Our mirrors perform in the UV to visible light spectrum providing industry-leading beam delivery solutions.

Range of Our Typical Custom Measurements:

  • Diameter:  1” to 16” (25 mm – 405 mm)
  • Thickness: 1” to 5”  (25 mm – 127 mm)
  • Off-axis Angle:  15 to 45 degrees
  • Surface  Finish 20 Angstroms
  • Surface  Figure: 1/10th Wave

Typical Custom Coatings:

  • Protected Aluminum
  • Protected Gold
  • Bare (unprotected) Gold
  • UV Enhanced Aluminum (250 – 450 nm)
  • Protected Silver (450 nm – 20 um)

Typical Base Materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Cupronickel
  • Inconel®

Don’t see the off axis parabolic mirror information you need? Let us know; we very likely are able to create it for you. 

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