Aspheric Mirrors

Precision aspheres are created at CMM Optic for use across the spectrum for commercial, defense & security and semiconductor applications.

When an application calls for the ability to collimate light without spherical aberration, you may need a aspheric surface or mirror. With the ability to be smaller, lighter and thinner, aspheric mirrors are an in-demand and possibly inexpensive solution for many commercial applications.

Key Capabilities: Our multi-axis diamond-turning machines allow for fully customized optic solutions. We use our world-class metrology lab to ensure that we deliver exactly what you ordered, on time. In addition to parabolic mirrors, our SPDT capabilities allow us to manufacture Sinusoidal Waveforms, Extruded Shapes, or Diffractives –  whatever complex form your application requires.

Typical applications can include ion-beam figuring (IBF), magneto-rheological finishing (MRF), CMM metrology, or computer generated holograms (GCH).

Range of Our Typical Custom Measurements:

  • Diameter: 0.020” to 17” (0.5mm to 450mm)

  • Thickness: 0.13” to 10” (3mm to 250mm)

  • Minimum Curvature: 0.0004” (0.010mm)

  • Surface Finish: As low as 10 Angstroms

  • Surface Figure: 1/20th wave

  • Terms: Up to 40 – including odd terms

  • Cut to CAD model

Typical Shapes:

  • Paraboloids
  • Ellipsoids
  • Toroids
  • Bi-Conics
  • Segmented Aspheres
  • Sinusoidal Waveforms
  • Extruded Shapes
  • Diffractives
  • Fresnels

Typical Custom Coatings:

  • Protected Aluminum
  • Protected Gold
  • Bare (unprotected) Gold
  • UV Enhanced Aluminum (250 – 450 nm)
  • Protected Silver (450 nm – 20 um)

Typical Base Materials:

  • Aluminum

  • Brass

  • Nickel-Plated Stainless Steel

  • Nickel-Plated Invar

  • Cupronickel

  • Copper

  • PMMA (Polymer)


Searching for a build-to-print, or off-the-shelf solution? We have you covered with our Perfect Fit Optics. 

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