Fast Steering Mirrors

Fast Steering Mirrors (FSM) combine our mechanical, optical, and electronics expertise to deliver a flexure-mounted system offering a compact, high-performance solution for single and multi-axis optical scanning and beam stabilization applications.


The custom design of or built-to-print Fast Steering Mirror (FSM) incorporates a mirror mounted to a flexure support system that is  tilted to direct a laser beam or other light source. A set of voice coil actuators or eddy current sensors are used to provide the directional motion for complete precision and low jitter functionality.

The system offers either open-loop and closed-loop operation. For closed-loop operation, integrated high-speed precision sensors are used to provide a complete feedback control system. With its modular design, the FSM allows increased flexibility in mirror substrate choice, aperture size, degrees of tilt and control electronics to meet any mission requirements.


Clear Aperture 5 to 200 mm
Mirror Substrate Aluminum, Beryllium, SiC, glass, or other
Optical Coating UV to IR coatings
Angular Tilt up to ± 12° optical
(±6° mechanical)
Resolution 1.0μ-radian
Small Signal Bandwidth > 350 Hz
Accuracy 50 μ-radian
Controller DSP-based digital servo
Digital/analog user interface
Advanced algorithms for high bandwidth
PC-based diagnostics and signal monitoring
Integrated position sensor

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