Fresnel & Diffractive Lenses

CMM Optic excels at manufacturing fresnel and diffractive lenses that are designed for focused beam delivery.

Fresnel and diffractive lenses are all about focused beam delivery required for imaging and illumination applications. When combining a fresnel lens with a focusing lens, the result is light focused at a specific distance for viewing. Designed to be used for applications that act upon gathered light, such as condensers, projectors, solar lenses, and illumination systems and detectors, the fresnel lens is easy to identify by its ringed shape. Because of this unique form, the resulting light only scatters when shown on a surface, making it perfect for projector lens use. 


Diffractive lenses provide the ability to reduce the number of elements in your system and eliminate the need for exotic materials. Common uses for diffractive lenses are laser cutting and drilling technology, as well as research and diagnostic microscopy applications. Always manufactured as very thin lenses, diffractive lenses offer a surface texture that becomes thinner towards the outer edge of the lens. This highly specific texture design works with a single wavelength to correct chromatic aberrations.


CMM Optic creates highly accurate diamond-turned glass solutions for your photonics application built to your custom diffractive or fresnel design. As a result of our proven manufacturing processes, we typically accommodate a range of sizes from large (200mm) to small (5 mm) lenses to fit your application needs.

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