Commerical Fast Steering Mirrors

Commercial Fast Steering Mirror is a flexure-mounted system offering a compact, low cost solution for single- and dual-axis scanning, beam alignment and beam stabilization applications.


A built-in, high-precision optical sensor monitors the angle of the mirror, while voice coil actuators allow for a faster response. The mirror is available with specialized materials and coatings for specific customer needs and optional digital or analog user interfaces.


  • Mirrors range from 15mm to 35mm in diameter
  • Mechanical angular deflection of ±1.5 degrees
  • Built-in, high-precision optical sensor monitors mirror angle
  • Mirror material and coating per customer’s requirements
  • Digital and analog interface between user and mirror
  • Voice coil actuators for fast response


Angular Resolution 2 μ-radian
Frequency Bandwidth 300 Hz for small signal input (-3dB)
Step Response (small) < 5 ms
Closed-Loop Linearity < 1.0%
Repeatability < 25 μ-radian
Accuracy 100 μ-radian


Type Voice Coil
Size 2″x 2″x 2.98″
Weight 0.55 lbs
Range (Mechanical) ± 1.5°
Sensor Type Analog


Size 25.4 mm
Clear Aperture 23 mm
Material Glass, Aluminum
Reflectance > 95%
Wavelength Per Customer Request
Surface Flatness 1/8 wave at 633 nm

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