Using Off-the-Shelf Optics In Systems Design

For specific projects, using off-the-shelf optics can be the best choice of direction over custom development. Time constraints, locked down project details, or financial caps create an opportunity to use available mirrors or lenses to fit into a design.

When considering the needs of your project—time, cost, time to market, and final offering price—all may be acquired simply by adopting and implementing the use of an off-the-shelf option. Get build-to-print volume optics with custom-fit and performance at an off-the-shelf price. CMM Optic’s Perfect Fit product line can efficiently be designed into your solution.

Need a slightly different form factor? A custom coating? A different focal length? We create a prototype for your approval and then manufacture it in volume to always be available when you need more.

off the shelf optics

Test sooner. Sell faster. Time is always a concern for most companies. Eliminating the time involved in sourcing and developing a custom optic package for high volume shortcuts the complexity and eliminates an entire leg of development, getting your project to market that much sooner. 

When working towards the release of a commercial or end-user final product, getting the final product in the hands of the buyer as quickly as possible is the goal. Off-the-shelf optics receive high marks in adding value, allowing listed pricing to stay competitive for catalog assemblies or basic collimators.

Ease of changing vendors. When using off-the-shelf lenses and mirrors, if your current vendor no longer supplies a particular option, it is viable to source a quick replacement with another readily available lens.

Eliminate inventory holdings. Don’t be penalized for sitting on stock. Using off-the-shelf optics allows for high volume production with on-time delivery. 

In addition to the time required to develop custom sizing, specific optic shaping, or additional final coatings, an off-the-shelf lens or mirror allows the overhead of creating a new product to be completed without the additional costs for custom optic development.

Only what is needed. When using the common industry approach of the Zemax “black box” files, an R&D engineer can shortcut the complexity of building the project by using optics with standard design. Already created for the most popular and accepted wavelengths, reflection, and transmission, adopting ready-made designs makes this process easier.

Frequent types of Perfect Fit™ optics available from CMM Optic are:

  • Metal Mirrors
  • Aspheric Lenses
  • Beam Combiners
  • Freeform Optics
  • Lightpipes
  • Off-axis Parabolas

Additionally, AR/IR coatings or custom coatings are available to complete the overall functionality.

Need MilSpec precision and durability with an off-the-shelf solution? All testing and confirmation are done in-house within our world-class metrology lab.

Whether your need requires an off-the-shelf or custom option, the team at CMM Optic is poised to support your direction and requirements. Inquire about the full range of options to help your next optomechanical assembly.

Want to discuss a Perfect Fit option? Contact an engineer for all of the details.