Quick-Turn Prototype Mirrors from CMM Optic


Because of the current need for new life science testing, quick-turn prototype mirrors are available from us in both metal or polymer materials. Prototype polymer lenses are also available as a quick-turn order, but please inquire about specific materials required for your particular application. 

Typically, precision mirrors are machined in metals such as aluminum, copper, brass alloy, nickel-plated materials, Invar, stainless steel, Moldmax XL, Inconel, or Cupronickel.

Important metal mirror types created by CMM Optic are typically freeform optic mirrors, Plano, OAP, cylindrical, and aspheric. 

Our experience working with lens polymers that are diamond-turning friendly such as acrylic (PMMA), COC, Zeonex, Zeonor, or Styrene, helps you select the right material for your mirror, lens or specific application. When selecting your polymer material, keep in mind that transmission is best when using in the visible or NIR range. Utilizing over 30 years of experience with build-to-print solutions, CMM Optic will deliver optics meeting the performance needed in the time required.

Optical mirrors and lenses that take advantage of polymer substrates offer significant weight reduction, and the ability to include multiple features into your part. Because of their unique qualities, polymer mirrors are desirable for demanding astronomy, biomedical, medical, communications, industrial, military, and scientific research applications. The significant weight reduction polymers offer when compared with glass make them valuable when designing solutions for hand-held applications.

CMM Optic begins by evaluating your design for fabrication, providing the best DFM solution that will yield the highest performance. Because of the significant accuracy of the diamond turning process and sophisticated surface finish quality, mirrors created with this process are highly desirable. Our project engineers can suggest improvements to the design to create a more accurate and better-performing result. Our ability to do this commonly reduces costs and lead time for projects. We factor your project scope and the delivery time into every quote, ensuring on-time delivery. From start-to-finish, Project Management engineers work with you directly for regular communication regarding your order and shipment. 

With our ability to rapidly turn around a precision mirror prototype, you will be able to quickly test your system design. Frequently, our engineers can suggest improvements to the fit and finish of the final model to create a more accurate and better-performing result. This ability commonly reduces costs and lead time for projects.

By offering the ability to manage the final coating production, lenses and mirrors can obtain highly reflective coatings selecting from enhanced or protected gold, silver, aluminum. Dielectric coatings are also available with broadband AR, V-coating, or single bandpass coatings. 

Without the ability to measure optics, we would not be able to produce high-quality parts in any volume. With a newly expanded advanced metrology lab and experienced and meticulous operators on staff, we assess each piece before packing in our cleanroom. We have recently acquired a Zygote New View 9000, an additional GPI Verifire HD, and a third Zeiss Micura CMM.

The decision on the substrate material and manufacturing techniques is determined by fully understanding the application’s performance needs and end-use. Benefit from our 30 years of experience in production, management, and measurement of polymer mirrors for your next application need. 

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