Project Engineering and Process Support for R&D Phase Optics

With dedicated project engineers who are there to guide you through the intricacies of working with an emerging application, CMM Optic’s in-depth knowledge of manufacturing techniques can be the difference between the success and failure of a project. For over 30 years, we have supported start-ups by offering new applications and technologies unsurpassed service, support, and execution for R&D teams. We understand that so much goes into the design of a new product; we know it needs to be perfect, and it needs to be able to be created later in volume as you ramp up production.

CMM Optic has put in the years of practice to perfect diamond-turned optics manufacturing and our geometric dimensioning and tolerancing capabilities. Our project engineers can quickly review your specifications and requirements to manufacture a solution that fits your tolerances and budget during the RFQ stage. With a deep understanding of materials, our operations group can offer options to meet budget or performance specifications that you may not have considered. We work closely with your project team so that you will have the confidence in the resulting part for internal testing stages and refinements. With increasingly complex machines and component technologies, be confident in using CMM Optic to deliver precise parts.

Once the physical prototype is approved, we offer all of the additional support required to finalize your parts with optical coatings or plating integration. Optical coatings can range from infrared (IR), anti-reflective (AR), protective overcoats, and additional performance-related coatings for filters, mirrors, and beam splitters.

Known for our quick-turn, build-to-print parts, we aim to get things back into your hands to keep the development window of your project on schedule. Since our goal from the start is to have 100% on-time delivery for every job, our proven process begins by pre-scheduling every quote time estimate to know exactly how long every project will take. 

Once the part is approved for manufacturing post-R&D stage, feel confident that our process will allow delivery for a high-volume of parts when you need them. Our entire team understands the importance of this stage; our reputation depends upon it. 

When a part is fully custom from start to finish, CMM Optic provides the precision and understanding needed for the best possible outcome, every time. 

“… each one we make is pretty much (fully custom), and everyone holds their breath until each is completed and verified. In all this complexity and suspense, we have now, at least twice troubleshot our problems by pulling parts off the machines and replacing them with other parts you’ve sent us and every time the changeover showcases the amazing precision and consistency CMM delivers and has also elevated you and I both to semi-hero status.” – D.S.

“You can only manufacture something as well as you can measure it,” the adage states. With our recent additions to our already world-class metrology lab to include a Zygo New View 9000, an additional GPI Verifire HD, and a Zeiss Micura. Our metrology team is some of the very best, and we take great pride in offering our services to our customers as a critical step for success.

Cut overall frustration and revision time down when you work with CMM Optic.

For more information on how we work with our R&D customers, read our Case Studies page.